Victoria has a great number of awesome one day motorcycle rides that start from Melbourne. Our first choice is the Great Ocean Road and then our favourite is the Black Spur out to Marysville. These are both rides that every motorcyclist needs to to do at least once if not a dozen times.

The Great Ocean Road

From our shop in Tullamarine we head down Geelong Fwy. to the beech side town of Torquay. This first section is an hour of pain but it has to be done. Make sure you stick to the speed limit as there are plenty of hidden cameras mounted on the bridges overhead.

Once you are at Torquay the ride really begins. We recommend taking the turn off to see Bells Beach for a quick look to see what the surfers are up to. From here it’s on to Anglesea and then Fairhaven for the start of the Great Ocean Road. Next is Lorne, this is a great town to stop for morning tea and stretch your legs with a walk out on the jetty. Now from Lorne to Apollo Bay is my favourite section of the Great Ocean Road. This is where the road gets windy and runs close to the cliff tops. Next stop is Apollo Bay. This is the place for lunch. Select from one of the groovy cafes, have a counter lunch or get some take away fish and chips to eat down at the beach. Whales can also be seen out to sea from Apollo Bay at certain times of the year.

After lunch head back to Lorne. Now from here if you are running short on time we highly recommend taking the turn off to Deans Marsh road to see some of the Otways forrest and then hookup with the Fwy to get home.

If however you have time to spare you can take the road up to Erskin Falls. The falls are only 15 minutes out the back of Lorne and are easy to find.

The Black Spur

From Tullamarine you head out to Hurstbridge to get out of town and then make your way along to St.Andrews. Be careful to look out for kangaroos jumping out onto the road at dawn and dusk along here. The next town is Kinglake on to Toolangi and down the Chum Creek Road to Healsville. Time for a coffee here and then it’s on to the Black Spur and out to Marysville.

On February 7th 2009 the Black Saturday Bush Fires burnt across the state. Marysville was one of the worst affected towns. All but 14 buildings from a total of around 400 were burnt to the ground and many lives were lost. The town is still rebuilding and signs of the fire are still visible everywhere today. Marysville is a great option for lunch and a ride around town. Stephenson’s Falls lay just out he back of the town and are well worth a look.

Back on the bike and now over to Reefton by the Reefton Spur. This is like a sister road to the Black Spur but with less traffic. Reefton Hotel is another option for lunch as to is Warburton. Ok we are on the road home now and its a right turn at Worri Yallock back out to Healsville and then Yarra Glen, over the hill to Kangaroo Ground and then Hurstbridge, Greensbourgh and back to the shop at Tullamarine.

***Please remember that these suggested routes are very popular motorcycle roads and Police enforce the speed limits along these roads vigorously.***